Staffordshire Environmental Quality Mark Application

How do you inspire passion in Staffordshire?

Visit England’s vision:

WISE GROWTH: Growing tourism responsibly in a finite world, creating resilience and prosperity for all.

This vision can apply to all businesses.

Destination Staffordshire supports this vision wholeheartedly as the way forward for tourism and the new Staffordshire Environmental Quality Mark (SEQM) seeks to help the wise growth of businesses by posing the question:

"How do you help people fall in love with Staffordshire?” (using EQM* actions)

  • An SEQM business is passionate about Staffordshire and passionate about customer service.
  • An SEQM business makes sure their customers are more satisfied, have more fun, come back and spread the word about Staffordshire.
  • SEQM businesses are THE businesses that Destination Staffordshire trusts, celebrates, refers to and is proud of.
  • SEQM businesses have proved they are the responsible, trusted and celebrated custodians of Staffordshire.

(*EQM actions are sustainable actions: reducing negative local and global environmental impact, purchasing responsibly, supporting people and communities.)

Staffordshire Environmental Quality Mark

An Environmental Quality Mark is an award presented to a Staffordshire business that has proved that it:

  • Helps to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of Staffordshire.
  • Minimises the local and global environmental impact of its activities, safeguarding and protecting natural resources.
  • Helps customers understand, enjoy and conserve the special qualities of Staffordshire.
  • Plays an active role in the economic and social well being of local communities within Staffordshire and global communities.

SEQM benefits for Business

  • To be regarded as a trusted and celebrated custodian of Staffordshire.
  • Learn how others succeed: Part of the application process is an opportunity to learn how other EQM businesses do it.
  • The use of the SEQM logo in your marketing; a distinction for your business.
  • Reducing your running costs through better use of resources
  • Being part of a network of supportive, like-minded businesses.
  • Free first year’s membership of Staffordshire Business Environment Network

What to do next:

To apply: register and complete the application here.

Once your application has been accepted, you will have a verification visit, and if satisfactory you will receive the SEQM. Every year you will be required to update your online application and every two or three years you will receive an inspection visit.

There will be a fee. However the development of the scheme has benefitted from funding from the Rural Development Programme for England so is free for the first few businesses, so apply early!

Apply for a Staffordshire Environmental Quality Mark today

Show how you” help people fall in love with Staffordshire”

This scheme supports and is supported by these Staffordshire Organisations, participants in SEQM can show their support of Staffordshire by joining, donating or volunteering with them.
Staffordshire Business Environment Network
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
The National Trust in Staffordshire


Destination Staffordshire wishes to encourage:

  • Pride in Staffordshire
  • Collaboration between sectors
  • An authentic living working environment, a diverse environment, diverse businesses and the building of the local brand and passion.


Staffordshire’s valued characteristics:

  • More miles of canal than any other Shire county.
  • Diverse and distinct landscapes: A National Park; The Peak District, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; Cannock Chase and the National Forest.
  • Many Local Nature Reserves.
  • Geological features: The Roaches.
  • Wildlife: Cannock Chase is home to four different species of deer: fallow, muntjac, red, roe. Staffordshire Peak District home to Red grouse, Buzzards, Hen Harrier, Merlin, Kestrels, Jackdaws, Snipe and Curlew. National Forest home to Otters and buzzards.
  • Outdoor adventure: walking, cycling, horse riding, rock climbing, gliding, hot air ballooning, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, high wire tree top walks.
  • Walking routes: Staffordshire Way and Monarch's Way.
  • Local produce unique to the county: oatcakes, cheeses, beer.
  • Strong, resilient farming sector and farmers markets.
  • Market towns and a network of vibrant small villages.
  • Animal breeds- Tamworth pigs, Chartley Cattle, Bull Terrier.
  • Ceramics heritage.
  • The Potteries dialect.
  • Ancient festivals: The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, Flash Teapot parade.
  • The history and heritage of the brewing industry.
  • Historic buildings Ancient churches and castles.
  • Small towns like Hednesford and Leek with their Victorian and Edwardian facades.
  • 13 Historic parklands and Gardens 4 of which are registered grade II *.
  • Military regiments and The National Memorial Arboretum.
  • Steam railways, mining and urban and rural industrial archaeology.
  • 43 museums.