The Peak District Environmental Quality Mark Application

How do you inspire passion in The Peak District?

The Peak District Environmental Quality Mark (EQM) is an award presented to businesses that:
1) put pride in the Peak District at the heart of their operations

2) actively help safeguard and improve the Peak District environment and heritage

3) safeguard natural resources

4) promote their values to their customers

5) add to the wellbeing of their communities

6) work together with businesses in other sectors, use and promote their produce and services
Peak District hay meadow and barns
EQM Benefits for Business
Here are just some of the benefits of achieving the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark:
  • Official recognition of what you do for the Peak District, its people and environment
  • An entry on the Peak District National Park Authority website (this significantly increases your Google- rating)
  • Use of the EQM logo in your marketing; a distinction for your business
  • Being part of a network of supportive, like-minded businesses
  • Reducing your running costs through better use of resources
  • Learning how others succeed: Part of the application process is an opportunity to learn how other EQM businesses do it
  • Training opportunities
  • Extra awards and promotional opportunities

If you have problems, please get in touch:
Tel: 07702452777
What to do next:
- Click on Register Your Business above
Once you've registered, we will check your details and you will receive an email to say your account is activated.
You can then login and start to complete your application for the award, using the online guidance.
When you have completed your application, you will receive an invoice for the fee.  We will then do a verification visit, and then your application will be assessed by an independent Award Panel. If the panel judge your business meets the requirements of the EQM scheme will receive the EQM award.
Every year you will be required to update your online application and every two or three years you will receive an inspection visit.

There is an annual fee for participation in the EQM scheme of £165 for businesses with less than ten employees and £365 for those with ten or more. Not for profit businesses will be charged at the lower rate.

Apply for the Environmental Quality Mark today
EQM businesses have a passion for the Peak District and its valued characteristics:
  • natural beauty, natural heritage, landscape character and diversity of landscapes;
  • sense of wildness and remoteness;
  • clean earth, air and water;
  • importance of wildlife and the area's unique biodiversity;
  • thousands of years of human influence which can be traced through the landscape;
  • distinctive character of hamlets, villages and towns;
  • trees, woodlands, hedgerows, stone walls, field barns and other landscape features;
  • significant geological features;
  • wealth of historic buildings, and registered parks and gardens;
  • opportunities to experience tranquillity and quiet enjoyment;
  • opportunities to experience dark skies;
  • opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventure;
  • opportunities to improve physical and emotional well being;
  • easy accessibility for visitors from surrounding urban areas;
  • vibrancy and sense of community;
  • cultural heritage of history, archaeology, customs, traditions, legends, arts and literary associations;
  • environmentally friendly methods of farming and working the land;
  • craft and cottage industries;
  • special value attached to the national park by surrounding urban communities;
  • the flow of landscape character across and beyond the National Park boundary;
  • providing a continuity of landscape and valued setting for the National Park;
  • any other feature or attribute which make up its special quality and sense of place
Supported by
Peak District National Park
The Peak District Environmental Quality Mark is a certification mark
owned by the Peak District National Park Authority and awarded to
businesses with a passion for the Peak District.

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